Online Spanish school for children

Join the fun and come learn Spanish with us!
Native certified teachers making learning
Spanish certifiably fun.

Online Spanish school for children

Join the fun and come learn Spanish with us!

Native certified teachers making Spanish certifiably fun.

We take the boredom out of learning!

Our Spanish classes are fun and colorful. A top quality immersive experience designed for children aged 5 to 13 years old and guided by trained professional teachers.

One on one classes given by native certified teachers to your digital native children.

From the comfort of your home or anywhere you please. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

No driving involved. They can learn from your living room.

  • 0% distractions.
  • 100% effective class time!

Our method is easy and convenient for you and your children. There is no driving involved! The scheduling is easy to do online. Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to captivate your child’s attention during the 25 minute class.

How it Works

How it Works


Create your account and meet our teachers.

Select the class time and day that is convenient for you.

That’s it! Now just watch them learn Spanish and have fun!

Introducing the N2N method:

Native to Native experience. It brings together, through one on one video conferencing technology, our teachers (Native Spanish speakers and trained professionals) and your children (Digital Natives). The classes are structured and standardized but yet follow the learning speed and necessities of your child. This allows for personalized learning.

Our teachers are seriously fun.

Our online immersion program is all about captivating the student’s attention and holding it for 25 minutes, even though we are far away and speaking a different language.  We, at Kids’ Club Spanish School, are professionals at online education and are using our experience to connect your child to the best teachers and the best curriculum in order for them to have the best time learning!  They will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning, and they won’t want to stop!


Bridging the gap

We select our teachers for their ability to achieve complete student participation and engagement.


Kid tested

Our method is designed for kids and developed  in order to captivate and stimulate the children.


Online is the new home

We are taking advantage of the benefits that the online environment brings us in order to create a stimulative learning environment.

These are some friends that will accompany your child while they learn.

Garto Lagarto

He loves to wear costumes but we always recognize him.


The skater girl. Learn some tricks with her!


This guy doesn’t melt so easily.


She is a Spanish girl who loves learning languages.

La Estrella

The rock’n’roll star!


Smiling from sun up to sun down.


He always has his nose to the ground trying to see what he can find.


A friend of ours who loves learning Spanish.


Always drawing something everywhere.

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