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Edutainment | Fun Education Best Learning Method

Entertainment and education have always had a complicated, uneasy relationship with each other because spending time with one usually means that you are neglecting the other. The truth is though, that being educated, while also being entertained, is the best way to learn!

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Practice Spanish | Five Best Spanish Speaking Cities

When learning Spanish, it is important to practice as much as you can. What better way to practice Spanish than traveling to countries and visiting cities where Spanish is the local language? Actual conversation with people who use Spanish in their everyday lives, fully interiorizes the language in your mind and your brain cements this knowledge on a much deeper level.

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Learn a Second Language | Advice of Polyglots

So you want to learn a second language? Or maybe a third? You want to become a polyglot, or someone who speaks multiple languages. Speaking more than one language opens up many opportunities in life, widens ones cultural awareness and, let’s just face it, is super cool. How many times have you heard someone speak another language, other than your mother tongue and been thoroughly impressed thinking “How do they do that?”. Well, we are going to discuss the top 5 advice of polyglots, on how to learn multiple languages effectively.

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Speak a Foreign Language | Why You Shouldn’t be Fearful

Many people report that speaking, or orally practicing a foreign language they are learning, can be terrifying. From our fear of failure, being judged and sounding silly, on top of added difficulty of putting to use new vocabulary and grammar structures, you may feel your brain shutting down. This can all boil down to a case of anxiety enough to make anyone want to give up or find many reasons to not speak the foreign language they are learning.

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Mistakes Help You Learn a Second Language

Making mistakes is inevitable. Regardless of how hard we try, mistakes happen at some point in time, especially when learning something new, like learning a second language. Many people often experience a fear of failure because making blunders can make us feel silly and exposes our vulnerable side. However, what matters is what we make of these blunders and how we utilize them to our advantage. The good news is that we can learn from our mistakes and sometimes it’s these mistakes that end up making us much better at what we are trying to learn.

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Spanish teachers learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language, some say, requires a talent similar to learning to play a musical instrument. Although this may be true, one can learn to do both without possessing any talent at all. Lot’s of practice may be required, as neither is an easy task.

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