Kids’ Club Spanish School launches Online Spanish Classes for Kids using the N2N method
Alexis Fishbaugh, Kids’ Club Spanish School, Spain
21 September 2018

September 1st, 2018 was the date Kids’ Club Spanish School opened their doors offering live online Spanish classes for kids. This is not your run of the mill Spanish school but a special online educational platform that guarantees to completely captivate children’s attention for the 25-minute duration of the class by using their coined “N2N” Method.

What is the N2N (Native to Native) Method?

The N2N Method, in foreign language acquisition, consists of three key elements. A native speaker of the foreign language, a digitally native child and some sort of media rich content. This ensures the optimum learning experience, firstly, by taking advantage of the native language speakers knowledge of their language, then, displaying it on a technologically advanced online platform. And finally, connecting to “digitally native” children, who have grown up after the widespread adoption of digital technology, and are “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, social media, video games and other kinds of media. The N2N method covers the children’s yearning for digitally rich experiences, allowing them to interact with the teacher through Kids’ Club’s advanced computer platform, playing games and seeing visually stimulating material. Spanish classes for kids, using Kids’ Club’s N2N method guarantees that the students will be engaged and entertained while learning Spanish, ensuring fully optimized classroom experiences.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

– Charles Darwing

Teacher selection

The teachers are not just native speakers but thoroughly trained, specifically, to teach online classes. Kids’ Club selects its teachers in a very special way for the Spanish classes for kids. Teaching class online is very different from teaching in traditional settings, like in brick and mortar educational facilities. This is why Kids’ Club teachers have to go through a vigorous selection process. It is important for the teachers to have university degrees and some type of experience with children, but the most important element is that they have a very particular personality. The teachers are chosen for their energy and charisma. They need to be someone that the children actually want to learn with, someone who is able to do whatever it takes to capture the student’s attention for 25 minutes.

After the teachers have been chosen, they need to study our method. For example, in immersion Spanish classes for kids, it is very important to speak in simple, clear language. These students have little to no experience with Spanish and it is very important that they stay motivated, as frustration coming from not understanding can lead to the child giving up and becoming distracted. The teachers are also encouraged to reward the children with high fives and plenty of praise when the child is participating well throughout class. Kids’ Club believes in positive reinforcement during its Spanish classes.

“It is important for KC teachers to have university degrees and some type of experience with children, but the most important element is that they have a very particular personality. ”

Visual Aids – TPR and Props

Sometimes simple language isn’t enough to get the meaning of words across to a child learning a new language. Our teachers are trained in the TPR method, or Total Physical Response, which involves the use of the body and hand signals, or a coordination of language and physical movement to help the students recognize meaning in the target language. Also, the use of props or other visual aids is implemented to help make teaching much more effective. You may see a teacher hold up a stuffed dog while teaching the word “perro” in class. This not only allows for the student to relate the new word being taught to its meaning, but also makes the class much more visual and fun for the children.

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

– Malala Yousafzai


Kids’ Club is a huge believer in positive reinforcement in the classroom setting. Teachers are often seen giving high fives and plenty of praise to the children when they participate well in class and put in their best effort. Kids’ Club has also established a reward system based on “monedas” or coins. These monedas can be used to buy items in the Kids’ Club store, which will be coming soon to their website. The teachers will give them up to 5 monedas in each class based on the student’s performance.


Immersion is the key to learning a new language. It is how we learn our native tongue and is proven to radically boost the time it takes to acquire a second language and promotes better language proficiency. Kids’ Club’s Spanish classes for kids uses full immersion where the children are interacting and conversing with the native Spanish speaking teacher completely 100% in Spanish from day one. Your child can learn Spanish the same way millions of native Spanish speakers learn it by acquiring proper pronunciation and sentence structure usage.


Kids’ Club Spanish School has developed their own standardized classroom learning material based on the European framework of reference for languages. This ensures a structured learning environment allowing for the student to have a real course for learning and not just learning random phrases here and there. They will learn vocabulary and sentence structures that are apt for their level and follow a rational course which will set them up to easily build on to what they have learned little by little. They will use the target phrases and vocabulary to play games and converse with their teacher and there are no long grammar explanations but visual aids to prompt conversation using the target language.

The sessions are made up of 8 classes, where target language is presented and practiced through role playing, activities, and games. They then have one class based purely on conversation and the last class is the “examen” or exam, in which the student takes more control and shows the teacher what they have learned over the last 9 classes. In total there are 10 classes per unit practicing the target language and allowing for its internalization.

Every odd class there is a “tarea”, or task, assigned for the student to do and show the teacher in the next class. There are also worksheets and flash cards for the students to do at home with their parents to both practice the language learned in class and prepare them for the exam.

“Without teachers, life would have no class.”

– Anonymous

Success in Spanish Classes for Kids with Kids’ Club Spanish School

The N2N method is designed to fully captivate children’s attention for the 25 minute duration of class, and Kids’ Club guarantees that students will learn Spanish in a fun and exciting way. KCSS’s methodology and classroom strategies are the perfect mix to ensure Spanish as a second language acquisition success for children.

Welcome to Kids’ Club Spanish School

“Join the fun and come learn Spanish with us!”